my Mission:

Professionalism, Accountability, Financial Responsibility & Transparency

Clay Countians deserve professional leadership of their county government.  Katee Porter has demonstrated continued professionalism in how she operates the office of the Recorder of Deeds and how she represents the people of Clay County.  Katee believes in being accountable to taxpayers by being financially responsible with their money and by being open and honest about how that money is spent.  


What does the Recorder of Deeds do?

The Recorder of Deeds office maintains a comprehensive set of public records mostly pertaining to land ownership and marriage licenses.  The Recorder also accepts other types of documents for filing such as Real Estate Deeds, Subdivision Plats &Surveys; Powers of Attorney; Federal & State Tax Liens;  Uniform Commercial Code filings on real estate; & Military Discharges. 

If you have owned or sold a piece of property located in Clay County, the deed transferring ownership was recorded in the Recorder's office.  If you have borrowed money against a piece of property located in Clay County, the deed of trust has been recorded in our office.   When you paid off your mortgage, the release was filed with the Recorder.  The Recorder of Deeds Office also issues and records marriage licenses.  

The Recorder of Deeds is important to you because they keep record of the ownership of your real property and other important documents.  You can obtain a certified copy of your deed, marriage license or other important document from the Recorder's office as long as it was filed with the Clay County Recorder of Deeds. 



WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR YOU?  I have been a careful steward of your taxpayer dollars. 

I voted AGAINST a pay increase for all officeholders. 

I return a good portion of my annual budget to the general fund every year. 

During my time as Recorder, the balance in the Recorder's Preservation fund has increased by approximately $356,207 and only those expenses absolutely necessary for the office are paid for from that fund.  

I opened a satellite Recorder's office at the Clay County Annex to make it more convenient for those living on the west side of the county to utilize the services we offer.  This was done without adding any extra expense to the annual budget of the Recorder.  The Recorder's Annex location has served approximately 4769 people to date making it more convenient for them by eliminating their need to drive to Liberty to the main office.  

I brought the office into the 21st century by setting up a system that allows the office to accept credit cards.  

I secured a bid that allowed for the digital imaging of all undigitized documents so that now documents back to 1822 are in electronic format.  

We are working diligently to index the newly digitized documents so that eventually all documents recorded in our office since 1822 will be available online. 




The Recorder's Preservation Fund is authorized by RSMo 59.319  which provides for two dollars of each filing fee to be retained by the recorder and deposited in a recorder's fund and not in county general revenue for record storage, microfilming, and preservation, including anything necessarily pertaining thereto.  The fund currently has a balance in excess of $965,610.00.




Careful spending under Katee's watchful eye has allowed her to return over $21,000 of the annual Recorder's budget to the general fund to be spent for other citizen needs. 


$1.7+ million

Annual revenue collected by the recorder's office in recording and miscellaneous fees.

It is important to have a Recorder with a financial background who will safeguard the monies taken in by the office and account for them accurately and with full transparency. 


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I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Accounting from the Bloch School of Business at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and a law degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law.

why do i want to be your recorder of deeds?

I enjoy serving the public and want to make using public services easier,  less frustrating and more cost effective.  My accounting degree is a good fit for budgeting funds and properly documenting and tracking the revenue received by the office.  My legal experience has been called upon many times while in office and has been useful in implementing the laws that have changed since I took office.   


After graduating from law school, I opened my own law practice where I focused on family law and criminal law.  I also was the prosecuting attorney for the cities of Smithville, Gladstone and Plattsburg.  I served as legal counsel for Clay County Sheriff Paul Vescovo. I was the Eastern District Commissioner for Clay County for one term and am in my first term of being Recorder of Deeds.  





August 2017

"The department has flourished under your leadership...I admire your integrity and common sense approach." 

Joy M., retired deputy recorder



Join My Team

I am a lifelong Northland resident.  Craig and I have been married for almost 18 years and our son Chase is 12 years old.  Our furry kids, Shadow and Stryder are rescues.  We all love living in Clay County and want to make sure it remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.  It has been an honor to be your Recorder of Deeds and I would love the opportunity to serve for another term.  Please vote for me on November 6th.  



If you still have questions about my qualifications or what the Recorder of Deeds does, feel free to ask. 

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